March 2014

Just as we moved the last of our bison to their ‘new abode’ last year the estate had a change of heart and decided not to go forward with the proposed bison venture.  We were given until March this year to remove the animals. 


With the realisation that this would never work while reliant on other peoples land, we decided to invest everything we had in purchasing our own small holding.  To maintain our employment, which is what most new entrants to farming have to do, we were limited in the areas we could look at for purchase.  However, we successfully found and had an offer accepted which would have made a move achievable and secured the future of the herd.  Two weeks before our intended move and while we were organising for the authorities to visit to grant the DWA licence, we were told that the land was no longer available for sale. 


We have a stay of execution on the estate until April but after that, unaffordable penalties.  This has left us absolutely backed into a corner.  Unless we can find someone who can take these animals our only option is to slaughter the whole herd.  We have done everything we possibly can to try and save these animals they are now condemned simply because we do not have any land.


December 2013

We are contemplating our future at the moment as we have had some disappointments in our endeavours to relocate our herd.  It is our intention to move forward but it is proving more challenging than we imagined; Please stick with us and hopefully 2014 will see us securing a future for this venture that we believe in.

Thanks to everyone who completed our recent survey. Your views are much appreciated. The lucky winner of the Bison Taster Box was Mrs S Benzies - well done!


Late arrivals


Just when we thought it had all ended, the late summer sunshine brought with it some unexpected arrivals. During the last days of September some little bison appeared, let's hope they've pre-ordered their winter coats.



Summer 2012


It’s been a summer of highs and lows.  Calving started well and we enjoyed watching the new arrivals.  However, the wet weather had a detrimental effect on some of the breeding animals and unfortunately we had some losses, the worst of which was the loss of a new mum leaving an orphan calf.  Given the nature of the animal, orphan bison calves don’t tend to have a good outcome but we couldn’t give in without a fight.  Even young bison can run damn fast and it was no mean feat catching the little calf (we later named her Higgs Bison!) but as you can see from the photos with some TLC she thrived and we are happy to report she is now with the main herd and holding her own.



 May 2012 - One of our new arrivals




March 2012

We are delighted to have won 2 awards at the 2012 Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards, one of which was the coveted Judges Choice and considering who the judges were we consider this a real honour.







jan 2012: We're starting the year with a serious search for an alternative home for the business. Our tenancy here is coming to an end and extending is not an option.  Anyway, with our expansion plans we need a larger area for the bison to roam.  Long-term partnership with an interested landowner, share farming or place of our own are some of the options we're looking at although the latter may require a lottery win :)                                                                             Shelagh & Scott


January 2012: Happy New Year and thanks to all our Christmas customers.  We're back now after a break to recharge batteries.  Frozen meat available for order - see product page for availability.



"Amazing roast - just like steak but better!" HM, St Andrews
"The bison beef stew is the best stew I have ever tasted. I added mushrooms and more carrots to the red wine sauce. This is an excellent dinner party dish!” - A.Hogg, Aberdeen.

"Those burgers were good!" a report from hungry and discerning teenagers. - NM, Aberdeen.

" The mince made amazing burgers and my whole family agreed to that. Just added an onion, clove of garlic and seasoning to the mix then gently fried for approximately 10 minutes each side (my burgers were about one inch thick!) The meat cooks much quicker than equivalent beef products with very little shrinkage and no fat content. Would definitely recommend your Bison products and as a retired chef would have used them in my restaurant had they been available at that time." - RT, Lanarkshire.

'Bison mince made great shepherd's pie, hugely enjoyed by French relatives'.  Have BBQ'd both burgers and sausages, very tasty, cook wee bit quicker than your normal variety.  A big thumbs up for bison meat! - C Barclay,Aberdeen

Report from The Kitchin, Edinburgh about Scottish Bison fillet, mince, diced steak and sausages:  Michelin-starred “Chef Kitchin enjoyed the meat VERY much”.